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Effortlessly Track and Manage your Workforce

The Hajir app simplifies workforce management with efficient tracking and scheduling tools, ensuring seamless coordination and allowing you to organize your staff more efficiently.


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Monitoring Attendance

Monitoring attendance is simple and efficient, employees can clock in and out using their smartphones, providing real-time data on their attendance. Managers can easily track attendance records, view reports, and manage schedules, ensuring accurate and streamlined attendance management. 

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Instant Payroll Tracking

Employers may quickly calculate the number of hours worked by simply tracking employee attendance in real time. The payroll system incorporates this data with ease, guaranteeing exact and timely salary calculations. Workers have rapid access to their attendance data, which promotes trust and transparency in the payment process.

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Leave Management

Ensuring the criteria of public holidays, employees can request leaves directly through the app, which then notifies managers for approval. It tracks leave balances, automates approval processes, and maintains a centralized record of all leave requests for easy monitoring and management.

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Audit Report

Maintains accurate employee attendance and leave records, facilitating audit reporting. It offers detailed insights on attendance patterns, leave usage, and adherence to company policies, aiding in informed decision-making for enhanced operational efficiency.

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Notice Board Management

Hajir reduces Notice Board Management by letting companies submit announcements, updates, and vital notices on the app. All employees can access these alerts anytime, anywhere, keeping them informed. These centralized methods minimize the need for physical notice boards, decrease confusion, and ensure that vital information reaches all employees quickly.

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Two Way Communication

Employees can connect with their employers, request leave, and voice issues on the same platform. The software lets employers notify employees of essential updates and announcements. This improved communication improves efficiency, transparency, and workplace collaboration, resulting in smoother operations and higher employee engagement.

Why to Choose Hajir?

Personnel management solution optimizes operations with leave management, payroll monitoring, and two-way communication. Its easy platform encourages collaboration and openness, improving operations and worker happiness.

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Cost Effective

Automates manual processes, saving businesses on administrative costs and resources.

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Whether for small businesses or large enterprises, it   can scale to meet the needs of any organization.

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Ensures labor regulation and policy compliance, mitigating non-compliance risks.

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